Quilling papers

Basic tools necessary for quilling

There are many materials that can be used to produce quilling, however only a few things are required to produce interesting designs and patterns:

You must have a quilling rod and there are two main types:

– A rod with big end and a slit to hold the paper when starting to fold.  Start with the large end because the centre circle needs to be large.

– A rod with a small diameter ending for finer work.

You can have a combination of the two above mentioned rods.  There are electronically controlled rods or you can just make your own rods from an old needle or even a toothpick.  You are only limited by your own imagination.

They are thin coloured strips of paper with the size about 1.5 mm wide. You can buy them from handicraft shops or make your own.

Once you have rolled and shaped the paper you need to glue it on to a surface but don’t use too much glue and make the paper soft and messy.  Bottles with very small nozzles are recommended. With fine nozzles you can place a needle inside to prevent the opening becoming blocked you have finished.

You need a variety of small sharp scissors. Plain scissors to shorten the strips to the required length and scissors to make wavy or serrated patterns along the length of your paper

– Navigation kits and frames to help guide the shape and size of your job

– Paper knife

– Pins

– Tweezers

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